Antique Farmhouse Spotlight

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This week I would like to shine the spotlight on an incredible source for farmhouse décor, Antique Farm House.  They offer such a treasure trove of options, you may get a bit giddy with excitement!  I want to highlight a few items today that I have just fallen in love with.  I know you will as well!  I have a Master Bathroom Remodel on the brain and these items are inspiring!!!!

You will find everything from chandeliers to towel ladders, laundry baskets, hooks, tiered trays for the vanity, a cloche for soaps and/or candles, architectural accents and tables, wreaths and wall hangings.  Let me know, what are your must-haves in your master bathroom?

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Thank you so very much for dropping by today!  Be sure to leave me a comment, how would you use these pieces?

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