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Have you ever seen an image in a magazine, or maybe watching Fixer Upper and thought…”I need that exact look in my house now!”?  That is what this category, Design Boards is all about!  I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get that look in your home as quickly and painlessly as possible.  All the hunting has been done for you!  (From time to time we may encounter products that have sold out or are discontinued, in which case I will hunt down a very close match for you!!!)

This image is from a wall in our home transitioning from the entry way to the living room.  Every single piece shown below is the EXACT piece in the image.  Click the image to go directly to the Buy option!  Happy Shopping!!!


This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a very small commission at no additional charge to you if you choose to buy thru the link provided.  Thank you for helping me cover the costs to keep this blog alive!

  The shelves came from The Heartland Wood Co. on Etsy.  It comes in a set of 2. Mine are 42″ in Dark Walnut stain.  They cost $152.00 for the set, including shipping.  However you can order any size you want for the space you have and choose from several different stains, prices vary starting at $26.00  They are custom made when you order them.

  These cotton stems come in a set of 6 for $48.95 and free shipping from Amazon.

These tobacco baskets are sold as a set of 2 for $99.95 on Amazon with free shipping!  These are the ones I have but I am sure you can find them cheaper.

  These white succulents are from Magnolia Market for $9.00 each.  They are so beautiful in person!!!

  I placed the white succulents in this Multi-Tube rack, also from Magnolia Market.  I love the different heights of each tube.  It is a truly unique vase.  $28.00.

This sign came from the Handmade Mercantile Co. on Amazon for $45.00.  Gorgeous and affordable!  And the black really sets it apart from other farmhouse signs on the market.

  These Copper Geo Terrariums come in 3 sizes ranging in price from $19.99 to $39.99 at Cost Plus World Market.

This 8-cup white porcelain pitcher is only $14.99 at Target.  Perfect for actually serving drinks or for displaying cotton stems or flowers or pine branches in winter…the possibilities are endless!

  This wood and cement Ampersand caught my eye immediately!  I love the textures the two materials provide.  Only $12.99 at Cost Plus World Market!

  These marble and copper candle holders are so stunning!  There is not a single color combo I love more than this!  I don’t even display mine with candles, they are so beautiful they do not need any other purpose.  $6.48-$7.48 at Cost Plus World Market.

This beautiful farmhouse style porcelain pitcher is only $13.99 at Target!!!  Super affordable.  I have had to stop myself from buying more.  It is so perfect as a vase in every room in the house.


  These pillar candle holders are from Joann’s.  They have a rustic paint finish and are a lovely way to display seasonal items year round.  On my shelves you can see they are elevating burlap pumpkins (from the Dollar Tree!!!).  The best way to buy these is on a sale day with additional coupons. Otherwise, they are $29.99 each.


These are the key pieces that remain on these shelves year round.  The other items such as the burlap pumpkins and pine cones, I switch out with the seasons.  I definitely recommend shopping your home first for these items to make the look your own and to save money!  I hope you find this post helpful, I would love to see what you come up with if you try out any of these pieces!  As always, thank you so much for dropping by!


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