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Thank you so much for dropping by!!! I am so excited to have you here! Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and lets sit a spell.  A lil about me, I am 32 years old, living in the greater Seattle area with my fiancé Jason and our 3 littles, Fayth, Aiden and Grayson.  We live in a house we bought 3 years ago and we are very slowly making it Our Home.  Mostly this translates as I get an idea in my head and Jason makes it happen.  I often joke that Pinterest is Jason’s worst enemy, adding all kinds of projects to his already long list. But I am telling you, I just can’t help it-Pinterest is one of my favorite places to hang out!  You can follow me on Pinterest at  http://pinterest.com/snyderamberj.  So much inspiration!

This post contains affiliate links which means I may make a very small commission at no additional charge to you if you choose to buy thru the link provided.  Thank you for helping me cover the costs to keep this blog alive!


I also kind of have a thing for Décor books and much of my design inspiration stems from  treasures such as this, A Touch Of Farmhouse Charm by Liz Fourez, creator of Love Grows Wild.  This book is a true gem. The images are just gorgeous, the DIY projects are easy and simply stunning.  As I flipped thru this lovely lil tome I (mentally) dog-eared every single page!


Since going thru it I have even used the book as part of my décor-it is just that beautiful. I literally flip through this book daily so it lives close to my bed in a rustic wood tray (future feature DIY so stay tuned!!!) with a few other wonderful décor books.


The first project I chose to tackle was the Wooden Plank Tub Shelf because I needed this in my life Right Now.  As a working mom of 3 it is not very often that I get to enjoy a quiet bath alone.  When I did, it was usually rushed and without any such luxuries as wine or candles…this was a problem.  But this quick project has changed my life!  Our tub feels like a spa getaway-even if I always have to empty the tub of bath toys before getting my sippin’ in suds on.


As with any DIY project on a budget (and I am for sure on a budget!), you work with what you have on hand first and foremost, even if it doesn’t exactly follow the instructions.  Not only will this save you money, it will also allow you to create something uniquely YOU!  So while the book did inspire this project, mine does look different than the one in the book and I LOVE that.  We ended up using a fence board from the garage.  Jason even cut out a piece of the wood for my wine glass to rest!!!  The size of our tub also required us to tweak the instructions a lil bit.  We have a huge corner tub with large windows on both walls letting in loads of natural light.  Admittedly, this was the selling point for me on this small house.  Finding a way to make it even more of a retreat is just glorious.  You can bet the window sills are full of scented candles, an old glass cookie jar holds the scented bath salts and a tin from Magnolia Market keeps fresh towels and soaps close at hand. On a side note, I would suggest you get your hands on a copy of Magnolia Journal.  This quarterly magazine is pure excellence.


If you are in need of more Mama time, I definitely recommend this easy DIY project!  I cannot say enough good things about A Touch of Farmhouse Charm!  There are 70 DIY projects for every room in your house and you will want to make every single one of them!  Thank you so much for joining me today.  Stay tuned for more easy farmhouse DIY projects, book recommendations, cleaning hacks that almost feel like cheating, and quick and easy décor tricks to turn your house into your HOME.




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